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Soft Body Carry Case - 2 Sizes

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Soft Body Carry Case
2 Sizes


6" x 38" @ $49.00 ea.

10" x 52" @ $81.00 ea.


  • Soft-sided carry cases made from tough, luggage-quality PVC lined polyester

  • Come with zippers to securely close the bag

  • Includes carry straps


  • Light Grey color only


  • The soft side bag holds its shape nicely and will adjust to the shape of the contents inserted

  • A flat hardboard insert placed on the bottom of the bag is suggested if a more rigid shape similar to a hardshell case is desired

  • These bags are strongly suggested to carry and store your banner and accessories

These bags can be used to store and carry our marching banner frames and banners:


Sizes 6"x38"  for 6' frames, and 10" x 52" for 8' frames.

Item Number: Acc17
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