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Purchasing Fabric:  Important Issues

Fabric Availability:  It usually takes us from one to several days
to prepare, cut, and process your order before we can consign
the fabric to a shipper.

You can upgrade the shipping method to "expedited shipping" method  (FedEx Express)

However do not confuse "expedited shipping" with the actual total time required to receive your order at your location.  

When choosing "expedited shipping", you must remember to add the addtional time required for us to process and package your order before releasing the package to the shipper.  If you have any questions about shipping times, please give us a call.

845-246-7700 (Phone)   or    845-246-7786 (FAX)   or (Email)

Shipping Note:

With cuts of small yardage, we will package the nylon folded into a box, in order to keep shipping costs down. A purchase of a larger quantity will require that the nylon remain on the roll. The shipping package will therefore be longer than a small box (it will be over 62" in length).

Smaller packages can be shipped UPS Ground, UPS Blue Label 2-Day, and UPS Red Overnight at reasonable cost.

UPS Ground is recommended for the longer rolls. Once fabric, cut-goods, and accessories have been cut and shipped, the order cannnot be canceled.

Note that payment is required prior to shipping the fabric.  This means that that if an item has been shipped, it has already been processed for payment and that the payment has been secured.  If you have paid by credit card, this means that your card has been charged.

Please note that all sales of fabric, regardless of quantity, are final. You cannot return fabric, so measure your requirements accurately. Choose your colors carefully, checking suggested Pantone Color similarity, and when in doubt,  ask  for swatches to be sent to you before purchase.  Please assume that the colors shown on your monitor are not always exact and accurate to the actual fabric color.

Ordering and Shipping:  We require time to accept, prepare and process an order.  This is independent from actual shipping transit time.  When you select a shipping method, you are also selecting a transit time.  Remember to allow for the acceptance, preparation and processing time, in addition to the transit time, when factoring the total time to receive your order.  If you have questions about this, call us.

If you have a specific time of need, consult with us to determine what would be the best transit method for you and to estimate total time required for you to actually receive the order in hand.

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