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Parade Sash - Dye-Print Polyester Fabric -with Letters

Parade sash with lettering
MSRP: $100.00
Price: As low as $48.00 in quantity. Call for pricing. Discounts apply for quanity.

Parade Sashes -  Quality DyePrinted Polyester Fabric
Lettered  Sashes

Lettered  body sashes for parades & pageants manufactured in polyester fabric
 and dye-printed using colorfast dye-sublimation ink. They can be dye-printed in solid colors
or with stripes in any PMS Pantone color combination., with letters dye-printed in chest area.
Each sash will have a nylon back lining and double-needle hemming on long sides. Sashes can be made with equal size stripes (2", 2", 2") or with a wider center stripe and two equal size outer stripes. Lettering may be printed crossing all three stripes or, may be  placed within a larger center stripe based on width.

Discounts apply for quantiy

Prices for lettered sashes range from $48.00 to $98.00 ea. depending on quantity. 
20 unit minimum of same imprint  required for $48.00 each cost for lettered  sashes.
If each individual sash has a different name (President, Vice-President, etc.)
the cost is higher.
Please call or email for verification.
Item Number: SASH01
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