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Outrigger banners are custom advertising, identification or display banners that are mounted on flagpoles protruding from the face of a building. They are most often set up on a flagpole mounted on an angle relative to the surface of the building. When mounted on an angled pole, the banner is made with an angle-cut corresponding to the angle of the flagpole. When used with a flagpole that is parallel to the ground on on a very slight angle, a rectangular shaped banner can be mounted .

The banners are usually made double-sided with copy and image correctly reading on both sides.  The size of the banner is determined by the length and angle of the flagpole.

The flagpoles used for outrigger mounting can range from large industrial poles to light-duty custom fabricated poles when mounted on large buildings from the second floor upwards.

Smaller wall or post-mounted lawn type flagpoles may often be used to display a smaller outrigger type banner rather than a standard landscape-shaped flag (flying flag).

 The outrigger banner is ideal for presenting a advertising display. This is especially true when the need to have the advertising copy, or display identification, be always visible.  The rectangular shape or angled shape will hang downward from the supporting flagpole but will remain fully visible to the viewer. This is differernt from using an advertising flag which will collapse upon itself  due to gravity when connected to a flagpole.

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Outtrigger Flag Poles (for mounting banners)

Shape of Outrigger banner1 Photo of Outrigger banner on flag pole
outrigger pole with flag Smaller outrigger banner mounted on fiberglass pole.
outrigger banner with steep anglecut banner mounted Outrigger flag pole with US flags

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