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Nylon Color Chart:

This is an industry standardnylon fabric chart for  200 denier nylon flag and banner material. View the following fabric chart in order to note PMS# color references.  For dye-printing, we try and match PMS colors as close as possible, when specified.

Flame-Retardant Colors: Mint Green, Bright Green, Irish Green, Emerald, Dartmouth Green, Seafoam, Aqua, Spring Green, Parrot Blue, Turquoise, Teal, Blueflower, Bluebrid, Process Blue, Bright BLue, UN Blue, French Blue, Royal Blue, Deep BLue Purple,OG Blue, Lavender, Pansy, Mauve, Crocus, Orchid, Dahlia, Wineberry, Magenta, Bone, Flesh, Peach, Buff, Gold, Spice Brown, Black, Lime, FM Yellow, Daffodil, Spanish Yellow, Mustard, Golden Poppy, Burnt Orange, Orange, Flame, Warm Red, Bright Red, Canada Red, OG Red, Salmon, Silver, Grey, Charcoal, Ruby, White.

400 Denier Colors: Emerald, Royal Blue, Black, FM Yellow, Spanish Yellow, OG Red, White.

No-Fray Colors for Applique: 
Irish Green, French Blue, Royal Blue, OG Blue, Pansy, Magenta, Black, FM Yellow, Spanish Yellow, Orange, Canada Red, OG Red, Silver, Charcoal, White.

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