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Nylon and Polyester Fabric Specifications

Nylon Fabric - 200 Denier - Standard Nylon
  • Specifications: DuPont Bright 6.6 200 x 200 denier nylon with UV finish, Width: 60 inch, Average roll length: 100-125 yards,
    Firm flag finish, Resists fading - UV inhibitor in all colors, Uses: flags, banners, signs and windsocks, Weight: 3.1 oz/sq. yd.  Brite Nylon is composed of  Type 6-6, Invista Solar Max yarn. The most widely used flag fabric in the U.S. today.  Lustious colors, excellent durability, light weight for flyability.  Specially prepared for outdoor flag use. 

    Available Colors: All 74 colors are available as shown on the swatch chart.
Nylon Fabric - 200 Denier - Flame-Retardant

Flame-Retardancy:  Flame-retardant nylon fabric meets or exceeds the requirements of the SPEC  NFPA 701 small scale. This meets or exceeds the standards of CPAI-84 or NFPA-701 small scale test, and hve been treated with FLAMEGARD FPA 908 (California Reg.  #87-05).  200 Denier Bright Nylon type 6-6, Invista Solar Max yarn.

Available colors:  Mint Green, Bright Green, Irish Green, Emerald Green, Dartmouth Green, Seafoam, Aqua, Spring Green, Parrot Blue, Turquoise, Teal, Blueflower, Bluebird, Process Blue, Bright Blue, U.N. Blue, French Blue, Royal Blue, Deep Blue, Purple, O.G. Blue, Lavender, Pansy, Mauve, Crocus, Orchid, Dahlia, Wineberry, Magenta, Bone, Flesh, Peach, Buff, Gold, Spice Brown, Black, Lime, FM Yellow, Daffodil, Spanish Yellow, Mustard, Golden Poppy, Burnt Orange, Orange, Flame, Warm Red, Bright Red, Canada Red, O.G. Red, Salmon, Silver, Grey, Charcoal, Ruby, White
Nylon Fabric - 400 Denier - Heavy Duty Nylon
  • Specifications: DuPont Type 6.6 Bright 400 x 400 Nylon with UV finish, Weight: 5.6 oz./sq. yd., Width: 60" inch, Average roll length: 100 yds, Firm flag finish, UV inhibitors - resists fading, Uses: heavy duty flags, banners, signs, etc, Made in the USA.  Denier Bright Nylon type 6-6, yarn.  For use as a heavy duty banner cloth where conditions dictate a stronger fabric.  Needs higher wind for flag use. 

    Available Colors:  Emerald Green, Royal Blue, FM Yellow, Spanish Yellow, Black, White, OG Red 

    Nylon - BriteCoat - (Matte Finish) - Coated for Pressure Sensitive-Lettering

Polyester - Dacron - 200 Denier

Style 8760 Flag Dacron, 3.2oz/sqyd 250 Denier Dacron (aka. Polyester) Available Slit to 60" or 72" style 8760 For dye-sublimation
Polyester - Dacron - 600 Denier
  • Style 8763 Banner Dacron, 7.8oz/sqyd 600 Denier Dacron (aka. Polyester) Available Slit to 60" style 8763 For dye-sublimation.
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