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 Marching Banner Layout Templates

 (Choosing a template is the First Step in designing your Marching Banner Layout.
See Template Selection below.)
When thinking about a marching banner layout, starting with a template structure can be an efficient way of locating the layout design elements. The template will determine where copy, borders, mascot or logo and optional scallop are located within your design. This is a logical first step in designing your banner. It can also simplify determining the cost of producing the banner.  Once the template is determined, then determine and locate the copy and mascot, choose colors, choose additional banner construction options.

If you have a prepared layout show it to us to receive a quotation.
Otherwise call us or review the material 
presented to provide the information required for a quotation.

Also consider the coloration  of your layout by looking at our our Nylon Color Chart and your choice of mascot or logo by reviewing our Stock Mascots and Symbols. 

If your layout would require your own specific mascot or logo be sure to send us a viewable copy for us to evaluate and review.  If you have questions, please call us at 845-246-7700 or email:

Price Quotation: To price a marching banner - the following factors must be considered:

  • Method (Sewn or Dye-Printed)
  • Banner Size  (3x6, 3x8, 3x10)
  • Template or Layout Structure  (see below)
  • Copy (lettering, name, tag line, location, dates)
  • Mascot or Logo  (custom or available stock)
  • Colors  (background, copy, borders, mascot, etc.)
  • Options (borders, fringe, scallop cut, banner frame sleeve).


We have 35 design templates to choose from which serve as suggestions for our Marching Ba
Any of our templates can be altered upon customer request. Shading emphasizes coloring options.
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