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Light-Pole Avenue Banners CUSTOM LAYOUTS

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Light Pole Banners can be made in Vinyl or Polyester Fabric.

Pricing ranges from $55.00 to $200.00 per banner.  Can be made single side or double side.

Please send your custom artwork to our e-mail so that we can evaluate the file.
Phone: (845) 246-7700         Fax: (845) 246-7786
E-Mail:      or

We specialize in making Avenue Light-Pole Banners
on  polyester fabric. 

We can produce durable colorful banners with your specific layout.  We can also assist you with the development of your banner project using our templates and stock designs.

For more information, visual aids and layout suggestions, refer to
Templates and Product Diagrams in the command bar above:
You will find...

Avenue Light-Pole Banner Layout Templates
These suggested layout diagrams are lettered for identification, and create a structure for positioning design elements such as copy and logo.

Structure and Design Element Positioning Templates

These diagrams suggest copy and logo positioning both horizontally and vertically. Structure and use of attachment tabs illustrated. Position of single and dual banners indicated  relative to the light pole.

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