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If you are having troubles updating products or editing your cart, feel free to Contact Us for assistance.

Please note that you you can use the  LOGIN PAGE  to access your Exisitng  Account,, if you have one. If you would like to set up an account with us,  you will be able to do so after you've placed items in your cart and have completeed the purchase.

To purchase a product:

  • First you must utilize the "Add to Cart" or "Buy now" buttons to place an item in the shopping basket.
  • After a product is added to the shopping basket, you can click the "View or Edit Cart" links to update quantities or remove products from the basket
  • Once you have the products and quantities finalized, you can click the "Checkout" link
  • Next, complete the required Billing, Shipping and Payment information.
  • Finally, select the Order Complete option to complete the transaction.
  • If you pay by credit card, during this processing  you will be encouraged to (at your option) send your CVC code of your CC card independently of the processing mechanism. Sending your CVC code for us to verify along woth the other CC information will ensure that the card will be accepted  for payment. You may end the number to via email or by phone (845-246-7700); by doing this you maintain secuirty. 
Once the order has been received, ot will be review carefully and accepted for order processing.  After the order has been processed a confirmation email will be sent and the product(s) shipped to the designated address.
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