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Flag Shape and Construction
Diagrams to Illustrate Flag Structural

A flag is usually constructed having a rectangular shape in either landscape or portrait format. Specific components of the flag construction are: 1) The flag proper or background, 2) The left-side hoist where the heading and grommets, or pole hem, are located. 3) The right-side fly end which flies freely in the wind. 4) Optional non-tangle patch attached to the side of the flag. 5) Optional grommet patch located along the side of the flag where attachment to an anchor point is best positoned.

flag shape and construction

Banners and flags can be constructed so that the face-side  design elements such as copy and logo are visible on the front only or on both sides.  Copy and logo on a single-construction flag or banner are visible on the front only; double construction flags and banners have the copy and logo visible correctly on both sides. A single-reverse construction, usually a flag construction,  is best suited to flying flags becuase they weigh less and fly more readily, but the image is visible from the front correctly-reading and in reverse on the back side of the flag.

The diagram illustrates various construction elements which are similar on either a flag or banner but might differ in location. Generally speaking when describing a flag or banner: A flag flies on a pole and a banner hangs or is attached to a structure such as a fence, wall or building.

flags and banners  construction

When discusing a flag layout we often refer to the sections of the flag in terms of flag quarters, refering to the position relative to the flag hoist or head or foot of the flag.  These are traditonal references that best describe flags that are more traditonal in apperance such as for national, township or municipal flags. Advertising flags are usually described graphically in reference to foreground and background of the layout of the flag.

Flag shape sections

flag on pole


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