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Designing your Marching Banner: 
  1. The easiest way to get started is by sending a prepared layout in an acceptable file type for us to review. Or, you can by pick out a design template from our listed collection.  Please review our design templates for the product construction desired.
    We have 35 design templates to choose from which serve as suggestions. Any of our templates can be altered upon customer request. Some of the templates feature scallop-cut bottoms, while others have straight-cut bottoms; some have borders, and some have no borders. Choose your favorite; Imagine the possibilities.

  2. Dye-sublimation Dye-printing is our suggested  construction method.  

  3. Choose the colors for your layout. You can view our Nylon Color Card for color identification or you can provide us the PMS color reference number(s) that you wish to match. Note, we try to match pantone colors as close as possible. With a nylon sewn and appliqued banner, the more colors you choose, the more complicated the layout becomes and this can affect price. With a printed banner, the number of colors you choose is irrelevant - your banner can be as colorful as you wish without a price penalty. 

  4. Depending on whether you provide a layout or have us develop one for you, choose one of our mascots, or submit your own art file. We have a huge collection of vector mascots and symbols that can be integrated into your banner layout. Among the collection are common animal mascots as well as fire and rescue related symbols. We suggest you review the collection for an appropriate choice.

    If you have your own mascot or logo that you would wish to use, please submit the art file by e-mail as an attachment. Indicate important information regarding this logo in you email. Pleasee note that all art submitted to us needs to be in vector outline format for production.

    Acceptable File Types are:

    CorelDraw - Up to Version X3 (.cdr or .cmx)
    Adobe Illustrator - Up to Version CS5 (.eps, or .ai)

  5. If you are having us develop the layout,  please: Think of the lettering you want on your banner. What do you want your banner to say? In general, for school marching banners, the banner will read something like "School Name", "Team Name", "Location of School / Team", and sometimes included is "Common Quote or Team Phrase".  It all comes down to personal preference - What makes you look the best / what will represent you the best?

  6. Again If we are to develop the layout for you, please: Choose finishing options. Such options include things like: Do you want fringe on the banner, and if yes, what color?  Do you want a frame sleeve on the banner along with your pole-hem?  This comes down to personal or organizational  preference.. Please review the options available. 
Remember, our sales staff are standing by to assist you with whatever you might need - whether it be design help or product knowledge. We invite you to call or e-mail us today with any questions or concerns you might have. 
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