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Custom-Made I/O Flags MADE TO YOUR ORDER

Custom flags are made-to-order. They can be sewn and appliqued, dye-printed  using the dye-sublimation method or screen-printed.   If you have a prepared layout or have any ideas and layout elements such as a logo,  please constact us for a quotation. We can assist you in determining the layout construction, adaptablility to the production method,  and provide pricing and advice.

Generally speaking custom-made sewn and appliqued flags are made of industry standard  colorfast nylon fabric. Dye-printed flags printed using the dye-sublimation method are made of flag quality polyester fabric. Dye-sublimation dye-printed flags require that they be printed using polyester fabric so that the dye-sublimation ink chemically bonds with the polyester fiber; dye-sublimation ink will not bond with nylon fabric.   Screen-printed flags are printed on nylon flag fabric.

dye-printed flag outdoor
Dye-printed flags printed with dye-sublimation ink can be made single-side, single-reverse 2ply, or as true double-side flags. They are printed on flag quality polyester fabric.
sewn flag with pole hem
Sewn and appliqued flags are made single-reverse or double-side in construction. They are composed of the finest fabric materials and crafted with skill and precision resulting in a very high quality product.
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