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Checklist for Making Custom Flags and Banners
What you need to consider when making a flag or banner.

A Checklist of Things to Consider when Making Custom Flags and Banners
   We made a simple list of what you should  consider when making a flag or banner. Check the list of items. Each specification item or option  is important in determining the cost and any specific issues relevent to your project.

 After you have gone over the lists below, making notes listing and addresssing any items of relevance, send a request for a price quotation for your specific custom-made project to us via email.

Send your request, with details and attachment for your logo and layout items to:

General Specfication Issues

  1.  Size and Quantity

  2.  Type of Material or Fabric

  3.  Pre-dyed Fabric Colors Available

  4.  Indoor or Outdoor Use

  5.  Flag, Banner, Pennant, or Burgee

  6.  Single-Side, Double-Side, or Single -Reverse

  7.  Type Fonts for Lettering

  8.  Complexity of Designs

  9.  Special Construction

  10.  Finishing Instructions 

Available Options to Consider

  1. Optional Lining

  2.  Optional Fringe

  3.  Optional Velcro

  4.  Optional Pole Hem

  5.  Optional Scallop Cut

  6.  Option Wind Pockets

  7.  Optional Border

  8.  Optional Crossbar

  9.  Optional Stand

  10.  Optional Poles

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