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12' Rotator Lawn Banner Pole

Price: $120.00

12' Rotator Lawn Banner Pole:
For use with Tall Flags and Vertical Banners
  • Rotator Lawn Banner Pole,  38 Rotator

  • 12' Height

  • For banners up to 35"x96"

  • Complete Rotator pole:

    -Pole sections, ground sleeve, rotator pole, tie-down ring, zip ties

Banners require pole sleeve along top width and heading and grommets along the left side hoist


Flags are always on display due to metal rod through the top sleeve

12' Steel Pole in 3 sections with ground sleeve, self locking zip-tie mounting straps, rotator bracket with yaw stablilizer, and spill ring to act as shock absorder for heavy wind gusts.

All components supplied
Item Number: VBP01
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