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Small Dowel Crossbar w/ Twist Tassel

Price: $26.00


What color twist Tassel Hanging Cord

Small Dowel Crossbar w/ Twist Tassel:


  • 3/8 " Plain Wood Dowel

  • 2" gold color spear-tips

  • Small twist tassel used as hanging cord -either white or gold.  (yellow-gold is the standard color - as seen in picture)

This item can be cut to different sizes: The measurements below coorespond to the width of your banner between the spear-tip ends.The actual length is 4" longer due to the spear-tips on either end


  • 12" long (Special size for extra small banners or bannerettes (for 12" wide  banner)

  • 18" long (for a 18" podium banner)
  • 20" long (for a 20" podium banner)
  • 24" long (for a 24" podium banner)
  • 28" long (for a 24" podium banner)
  • 30" long (for a 30" podium banner)

Ideal for use with: 

  • Podium Banners

  • Lectern Banners

  • Bannerettes
Item Number: Acc26
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