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Sewn and Appliqued Method

We manufacture custom nylon sewn & appliquéd flags and banners of the finest quality in a wide range of sizes, shapes and constructions. 
Their quality appearance is enhanced by the dimensional appearance of the appliqué technique. 

Custom-made nylon sewn & appliquéd flag and banner pricing is determined by size, the number of letters, and whether made single-side, single-reverse, or double-side. 

We also consider the number of colors, the complexity of designs
(in addition to lettering), and options selected

Custom Sewn & Appliquéd Flag Construction

Single:  Single-ply material with lettering and/or design appearing only on the face of the flag or banner.

Double:  Two single-ply material flags or banners sewn together back-to-back.  All lettering and/or design will appear correctly on both sides.

Single-Reverse:  Singly-ply material with lettering and/or design appearing correctly on the face of the flag or banner.  The image on the back side, however, will appear in reverse.

Single-reverse construction will result in a lighter weight, less expensive custom flag than would double-construction

Additional Items and Options

  • interlining or back lining

  • borders, roping, or taping

  • gold or white rayon fringe (other colors available)

  • non-tangle rod patches

  • scallop-cut or v-cut

  • pole hems (vertical or horizontal)

  • Velcro

  • sewn air vents

  • wood, metal, or PVC pipe crossbars

  • double stitching

  • double-side emblems

  • pennants and burgee fishtails

  • nylon blank banners

  • sewn copy additions

  • repairs on existing flags and banners

  • sail shapes and special bias shapes

  • adding panels to existing banners

  • sand pockets for outrigger banners

  • small dowels with cords and tassels

  • crosshatching and extra heavy finishing

  • hanging banner frames

  • stands, ornaments, and accessories

  • avenue banner poles and brackets

  • table banners with top and side panels

  • body sashes for parades and pageants

  • small printed flags with dowels or golf flags


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