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Custom Podium Banner Diagrams

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Dye-printed custom podium banners provide an excellent visual means of identifying your company or organization. Our quality product enhances your name and brand appearance in a cost-effective, easily displayed, easily transported format. Remember to consider having a Velcro attachment strip added to the top back-side of the banner to facilitate displaying your banner on various podiums.

Podium banners are usally made single-side in construction with a print layer and one or two fabric back lining layers. The back lining is made of nylon fabric, the print itself is made of polyester fabric and dyed with your logo, copy and graphic using the colorfast dye-sublimation ink. The banner would have a dowel sleeve or simple hem on the top, double needle hemming, with finishing options such as straight-cut bottom, v-cut bottom, optional fringe, optional Velcro behind top sleeve or hem. Dowel and spear tips is an option available, with or without a twist tassel hanging cord.

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