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Glossary of Flag Terms
  • Appliquéd:  One piece of material sewn (stitched) to another

  • Cleat:  The device used to secure the bottom of a flagpole halyard (rope)

  • Color Fastness:  The ability of material to resist fading and color migration

  • Ferrule:  The tubular portion of an ornament placed over the top of a pole to hold the ornament

  • Field:  The portion of a U.S. Flag that is blue with white stars

  • Flash Collar:  A decorative-protective cover often used at the base of an outdoor flagpole

  • Fly End:  The free flying end of a flag usually opposite the heading

  • Fringed:  A flag with fringe around all or part of its perimeter

  • Front:  The surface seen when a flag is in its normal flying position with the hoist to the viewer's left  (The "back" is the reverse)

  • Grommets:  The brass rings or eyelets (normally in the heading) for mounting outdoor flags

  • Halyard:  The rope for an outdoor flagpole used to raise and lower the flag

  • Heading:  The heavy canvas or other reinforcing material at the side or end from which the flag or banner will be supported

  • Hoist:  The side of a flag next to the pole

  • House Flags:  A company flag, usually bearing a trademark or name

  • Indoor Flags:  Flags constructed primarily for indoor display or temporary outdoor parade use, with pole hem

  • Joint:  The device used to hold a 2-piece pole together

  • Outdoor Flags:  Flags constructed primarily for use on an outdoor pole - with heading and grommets or roped

  • Outfit:  A complete display unit, flag, pole, mounting device, pole ornament, and on indoor outfits, a tassels and cord set

  • Outrigger:  A flagpole mounted on a building at an angle other than vertical

  • Plain:  A flag without fringe

  • Pole Band:  The canvas heading of the flag left open at both ends so that a staff can be passed through it

  • Pole Hem:  A sleeve or tunnel of the same fabric and color as the background of the flag, through which the staff is passed for mounting indoor and parade flags

  • Roped:  A flag with a rope passing through the heading and looped and secured at each end.  The halyard of the flagpole is then attached to the loops.  Normally used only on large outdoor flags.

  • Snap: A device used to attach a flag to the halyard (rope) on a flagpole

  • Top & Bottom:  The upper and lower horizontal edges of a flag in its normal flying position

  • Truck:  The device at the top of an outdoor pole that houses the pulley wheel
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