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Custom Flag Photo Gallery:  Your Layout displayed as a Custom-made Flag
The photos shown are of dye-printed polyester flags, and sewn and appliqued nylon flags, both
 with custom designs.

Submit your layout for a quote. Vector based files are best for production. If you have questions or concerns, please call or email us.   Custom flags can be made single-side, single-reverse or double-side in construction in various sizes depending on the fabric and whether dye-printed or sewn.  Most appliqued flags are made with nylon fabric that is colorfast when supplied by the fabric mill.

Large 6'x10' polyster flag dye-printed.

Dye-printed outdoor flag to be flown way up in Alaska.

Sewn and appliqued burgee.

Small 14" x20" double side flag flown on a motorcycle mounted pole.

Metlife nylon sewn and appliqued banner made single-side in construction.

Alico flags for outdoor use made of nylon flag fabric.

Ulster Country flag made with pole hem and fringe for indoor office use or pararde use.

Close-up of the seal of the Ulster County New York outdoor flag. The seal is dye-printed using the sublimation method mounted on a three stripe nylon fabric flag.

Dye-printed double side flag for the Midd-West Mustangs.

One of a quantity run of "M" logo flags. 

Double-side dye-printed parade flag made using the dye-sublimation system on polyester fabric.
Double side outdoor dyed flag.

Dye-printed logo mounted on nylon base background.

Dye-printed logo image printed and mounted on single ply nylon background to reduce weight and enable good flyability.

Dye-printed logo on polyster fabric flag for outdoor use.

Nylon sewn and appliqued flag.

Nylon sewn and appliqued flag.

Dye printed "PIZZA" flags.

Sewn and appliqued table banner, podium banner and parade flag for the same school.

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