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Avenue Banner Light Pole Layout Design Templates
Banners can made in Vinyl or Polyester Fabric
Designing a custom avenue banner is easy if you first review and consider the structure of our various layout templates. The template structures are divided into sections that can be used to contain copy and logos, as in the case of placing copy in top section of Diagram B and the logo in the bottom section. Your copy and logo may also pass over sections such as if your copy was placed horizontally over the diagonal separation of the two sections of Diagram D.  

Begin by determing your copy and logo. Then choose a specific template and consider the location of the copy and logo elements within or across  specific areas of the template. Consider also the element colors and strcuture colors, seeing copy and logo in the foreground and the geometric strucure as the background.  

To receive a cost quotation: Once you have a basic idea of your layout design, we suggest you send us an email with a good description including any logo examples. Ideally, we will need to know your specific copy (name, tag line, location, greeting, etc.), and suggested colors for all layout elements. If you are unsure, submit your ideas as best you can and we will review your information and make suggestions.
Remember, these are template structures that can be colored and can have copy or logos assigned to a specific design area. They are suggestions with numerous possibilitites for creating a pleasing, visually attractive layout that can achieve your display goals.  If you already have prepared a custom layout, we invite you to send us your specicifc custom layout or design to us for review and quotation.

In all cases, when  requesting a quote please remember to specify  size and quanity and please indicate how the banners are to be displayed (light-pole mounted, building mounted, etc.).

Send your layout and request details to:  eMail: 


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