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Avenue Banners that Mount on Light Poles:  Photo Gallery:
Shown are avenue light-pole banners manufactured in nylon and polyester fabric. Banenrs are dye-printed in full color based on either our stock layout designs or submitted cistomer custom layout designs.  This type of banner can be mounted on light-poles or walls using mounting sets.

  • Strong Fabric
  • Colorful
  • Double-Side layout
  • Stock Design Available
  • Various Sizes
  • Any Quantity
  • Customize
  • Pole hems or Grommets

Dye-printed on polyester fabric.

Dye-printed on polyeter fabric 

Vinyl eco-solent printed avenue light pole bannrs.

These light banner banners were made using our
customizable temples.

Sewn and appliqued nylon banner.

Dye-printed on polyester fabric.
 This was a portrait shaped banner 3'x12".

Dye-printed on polyester fabric.

Dye-printed polyester fabric avenue banners.

Vinyl ecosolvent ink printed double side.

One of a series of nylon sewn and appliqued light pole
banners that were actually mounted inside on
a wall using light pole mounting ahardware.

Dye printed on polyester fabric.

Dye printed on polyester fabric.

Viynl avnue light pole banners all with different customized copy.
From one of the Christmas light pole collections.

Template used from one of the patriotic theme
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