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Accessories Information: For Marching Band Banners
Add a frame sleeve to your banner:  bannerframephotos.aspx
In order to use our deluxe marching banner frame and our deluxe marching banner frame stand - a frame sleeve is required. Please note, the frame sleeve must be manufactured at the same time the banner is made.
The Deluxe Marching Banner Frame: bannerframephotos.aspx
Use this deluxe marching frame to carry and support your marching banner in a parade or procession using the provided hand-holds.

Easier to carry as the banner frame is inserted into the top pole-hem of the banner and also into the bottom frame frame sleeve - where as a crossbar is inserted only through the top pole-hem. Frame is assembled from a set of components - including poles, coupling elbow and t-connectors, etc. A standard Allen key is supplied to tighten components.
Frame can be mounted on an optional stand to display the banner when not being carried Requires frame sleeve.
Note: If you are ordering a custom marching banner from us, we can adapt the vertical height of the frame to match your specific banner - This can be an important issue because the position of the copy and designs vary from banner to banner.
Maximizes stability and visibilty in windy conditions
The Deluxe Marching Banner Frame Stand: bannerframephotos.aspx

Use this deluxe marching frame stand to display your marching banner when it is not in use.

Frame stand connects to the Deluxe Banner Frame (any size) and supports the frame along with the banner so that you have an attractive visual display

Requires deluxe marching banner frame

Requires frame sleeve

Note: The Deluxe Banner Frame and the stand are sold separately

Traditional Aluminum Crossbar: crossbarsphotogallery.aspx

Crossbar is inserted into top horizontal pole hem of marching banner to allow two people to carry the banner at either end of the crossbar.

Available as size 3', 5', 6', 8' crossbar

Sectional 2-piece

Note: Overall length is 1' longer than stated due to 6" hand-holds on either side - For example, an 8' crossbar is actually 9' due to the 6" hand-holds on either side
Soft Body Carrying Case:  3 Sizes  Additonal items: Carry cases and fringe
Soft-sided carry cases made from tough, luggage-quality PVC lined polyester

Come with zippers to securely close the bag

Includes carry straps

Athletic blue color

The soft side bag holds its shape nicely and will adjust to the shape of the contents inserted

A flat hardboard insert placed on the bottom of the bag is suggested if a more rigid shape similar to a hardshell case is desired

These bags are strongly suggested to carry and store your banner and accessories

These bags can be used to store and carry our marching banner frames and banners.

Sizes 10"x30" for 6 frames, 10"x50" for 8' frames, and 10" x 63" for 10' frames 

Add Fringe to your marching banner: Addtrional items: Fringe and carry cases

2" bullion fringe - can be added along the bottom hem of your banner

Colors of fringe available: Yellow-gold, white, black, drk blue, drk red, drk green

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