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Attachment Accessories
Various attachment hardware: Snap hooks, halyards, flag attachment fasteners.
wall brackets
Various brackets for mounting flasg poles.
soft caryy bags for banners and hardware
Soft carry bag for banners and banner frame hardware.
carry belts for display flag poles
Leather and canvas carry belts for marching with display flag poles.
crossbars for banners
Crossbars for both freestanding banners and marching banners. Dowels and spear tips for podium banners.
triangular flag carry case
Deluxe oak flag carry case, triangular shape and flag set covers.
flag floor stand
Flag floor stands for indoor vertical display flag poles. This is a component of a flag set.
Deluxe Marching Banner Frame
Deluxe marching banner frame for marching banners. Available in sizes 3'x6', 3'x8', 3'x10'.
Non-tangle rod
Non-Tangle rod for banner or flag rigging. Mounts on rigging.
indoor flagpole ornaments
Indoor display flag pole ornaments: Eagles, spears, crosses, etc. Flag pole eagle. Flag pole spear tops. Flag poles balls and crosses.
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